April 2 & 16, 2012
Scaling Up Student Achievement

Training Teachers on Common Standards: What steps are you taking in your district to train teachers about the new common-core standards? Does your training cover only the content of the standards, or does it extend to instructional materials and/or pedagogy?

Challenges to Implementation: As your district moves to implement the standards, what are the three biggest challenges you are facing? What do you need, and from whom, to overcome those challenges?

Meaningful Online PD: How are you adapting online-learning platforms for teacher and principal PD?

Districtwide Change: Change is a big challenge for everyone, and many educators complain of new-program overload. What do you see as the obstacles to changing the way your district thinks and works? What ways have you found to overcome resistance to change?

Implementation for School Turnaround: How do you get consistent implementation across an entire school or district? Have you tried districtwide initiatives? How did they go?

States, Districts, and the Common Core: Describe and share with your colleagues the role your state has taken to inform or support districts as common-standards implementation begins. What do you need from your state that you haven’t received?

Targeting Data to Raise Achievement Districtwide:  How is your district using data to identify needs and boost the achievement of English-language learners, special education students, and other student subgroups?

Customizing Learning:  To what extent are teachers in your district differentiating and/or customizing instruction based on real-time assessment data?

Student Achievement–Accomplishing the Goal:  Where in your district have you seen the biggest gains in data-driven student achievement, and how did you and your team accomplish them?

Accountability and the Cohort System:  This is the first year districts will be held accountable for calculating graduation rates under the new cohort system. What does your district plan to do with the data being generated?

Training Teachers in Smart Use of Data: What training do teachers get to use data in your district? What more do you think they need?

Standards, Assessment, and Curriculum: What fresh strategies is your district using to meet higher standards and improve your students’ performance?

Jersey City, NJ April 2, 2012
Columbus, OH April 16, 2012