The TopSchoolJobs eXPO

The online job fair and career gateway for educators.

Join thousands of teachers, principals, and other school-based educators who are exploring a revolutionary approach to navigating and advancing in their K-12 callings.

Search and apply to job opportunities with K-12 organizations across the U.S. (CA, NY, AZ, DC, MD, CT, and more), chat with knowledgeable recruiters, receive expert job advice, and gain empowering career insights.

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Schedule of Programming:

  • February 4 | Registration opens. Free admission.
  • March 17-21 | First 1,000 participants receive Gallup strengths assessment.
  • March 21, 10am ET | Live eXPO programming begins.
    • Virtual booths open for chat and job applications.
    • AAEE help desk opens for teaching career Q&A.
    • EdWeek PD webinar available on-demand, live day only ($49 value).
    • Career advice library opens.
  • March 21, 4pm ET | Gallup webinar, Teach With Your Strengths, begins. AAEE career advice Q&A closes.
  • March 21, 8pm ET | Live chat & PD webinar close. Interactive archive begins.
    • Virtual booths open for applying to jobs and viewing chat transcripts.
    • Career Q&A transcripts accessible at AAEE help desk.
    • Select webinars and transcripts available on-demand.
    • Career advice library remains open.
  • April 21, 8pm ET | eXPO interactive archive closes.

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