Newly confirmed speaker:
Debbie Karcher, Chief Information Officer, Miami-Dade County Public Schools


September 27 & October 5, 2012
Ed Tech 2013: Powering Up Success

As we transition from our pre-lunch discussions on ed-tech budgeting and e-learning, we’re carrying the conversation about powering up student success into our 75-minute mealtime. Each table will discuss a particular facet of a wide variety of issues with an eye toward sharing experiences, identifying best practices, and adding to your network of colleagues that you can keep in touch with long after the forum concludes.

Table moderators will record your tablemates’ comments and report out the findings as our Education Week Digital Directions emcee circulates in the room towards the conclusion of your meal. Choose for your networking experience when you register today from the list below:

E-Textbook Transition: What does it take for a district to make the transition from print to digital textbooks?

Hybrid Learning: What are the best approaches for blending virtual courses and face-to-face instruction to improve student achievement?

Online Professional Development: What approaches are working best to help teachers enhance their skills?

Technology Training: How does a district build technology-rich PD programs to empower teachers and drive student success?

E-Learning Research: How are districts evaluating the effectiveness of virtual education and then using those findings to make improvements?

Personalized Learning:
How are schools using digital tools to customize learning based on students’ strengths and weaknesses?

Creative IT Budgeting: How are districts redeploying or shifting technology resources to save money and meet accountability demands?

Crafting Digital Content: What approaches are districts taking to create digital content for teachers and students to use?

BYOD Policy Shift: What steps are districts taking to allow students to use their own digital devices as learning tools?

1-to-1 Ingredients: What mix of digital devices is best to create 1-to-1 computing environments and why?

Internet Filtering: What steps are districts taking to expand Internet access for students while also safeguarding against inappropriate Internet content?

Boston, MA September 27, 2012
Detroit, MI October 5, 2012