Lunch Table Topics

Road Maps to Common Core Success


  • How is your district preparing for the common core assessments in 2014-15?
  • Given your district’s current test results, do you anticipate much of a drop when state—and common—tests fully reflect the common standards? If so, what strategies are you using now to minimize those drops?

Teacher PD:

  • What tools can you use to determine when your teachers’ instruction is at the level of rigor called for by the standards?
  • How should you choose and deliver in-service PD for your teachers on the Common Core state standards?


  • What are the three biggest challenges your district is facing as it tries to implement the common standards in English/language arts? What do you need, and from whom, to overcome those challenges?
  • What strategies is your district using to help students with weak skills, English learners, and students with disabilities master the new standards in English/language arts?
  • Are there particular areas of the common standards in English/language arts for which your district has developed particularly strong strategies and/or materials? Would you share these with your colleagues?

Math and the Common Core:

  • What do your teachers need the most help with in implementing the common core math standards?
  • What should look different about a classroom that reflects instruction consistent with the eight standards for mathematical practice? What are some key characteristics you would expect to see?
  • Have you had much success in finding instructional materials aligned with the new math standards? How is your school/district approaching this matter?


Indianapolis - March 11, 2013
White Plains - March 21, 2013