Road Maps to Common Core Success

School districts have begun work in earnest to transform the Common Core State Standards from ideas on a page into curriculum and instruction. The journey is uncertain, and the stakes are high. Are you ready for the new assessments that loom on the horizon?

At Road Maps to Common Core Success, you’ll talk with state and district leaders, experts, and colleagues to find your way around obstacles that can hinder your route to success. You will discover strategies and new approaches to the common-core roadblocks you’re facing right now:

  • How states and districts are planning to turn the new standards into positive outcomes on the coming assessments.
  • Which routes are being taken to choose or design curricula that truly reflect the new expectations.
  • How leaders are ensuring teachers are prepared for the coming challenges to meet the needs of a diverse body of students.
Indianapolis - March 11, 2013
White Plains - March 21, 2013